Our Products

We’ve broken down our unique rental inventory below. Offering arches, backdrops, neons, and more, we’re sure you’ll find something you like. If interested in booking any of our items please fill out the contact form and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

arches backdrops neons

  • Celestial wedding

The Celestial

Starting at $500.00

  • victorian arch event rentals
The Victorian

Starting at $500.00

arches backdrops neons
The Rustic

Starting at $500.00

  • Boho Wedding rentals
  • Boho wedding
The Boho Chic

Starting at $500.00

The Whimsy

Starting at $500.00

Backdrops & Furniture


  • Champagne wall

Champagne Wall


Rustic Wooden Backdrop


Seating Chart Mirror


Circular Hedge Wall


  • dessert table rental
  • dessert tables
  • led dessert tables
LED Dessert Tables

$100.00 for one/ $160.00 for both.

Vintage Peacock Chairs

$100 single $165 for both.

King & Queen Chairs

Beautiful red velvet victorian “King & Queen” chairs.


Victorian “Purple Couch”


Whiskey Barrels

$40.00 each


arches backdrops neons
Circle Arch


 offering arches backdrops neons
Hexagon Arch


offering arches backdrops neons
Triangle Arch


offering arches backdrops neons
Mountain Arch



“Happily Ever After” Neon


“Til Death” Neon


neon sign rental
“Better Together” Neon


neons sign rental

“Let’s Party” Neon


“To the moon and back” Neon


We pride ourselves on offering arches, backdrops, neons, and more to make your event stand out with amazing service.

Fill out the form below to inquire about renting any of our items and we’ll reach out within 24 hours.

Photos of our Arches, neons, and backdrops can be found on our Instagram Anderson Aesthetics.